About me

My name is Hausika Murugaratnam, I started learning Bharatanatyam
at the age of four and completed my Arangetram under the grateful guru
Smt. Savitry Saravanan

I am teaching Bharatanatyam for many years in London, UK. Many of my students have achieved their diploma and Arangetram.

What you will find in my Class

Time and Timelessness

Bharathanatyam is a Time and Timelessness of dance, which flow with, the language of Angangal, Prathiyangal, Upangal, with the tradition, Discordant step, a therapeutic, an aesthetic and Dance as ritual.
Angangal (Elements)

Head, Chest, shape, Hand, Hip, Foot

Prathiyangal (Replicas)

Shoulder, Wrist, Palm, Neck, Ties, Stomach, Back Part, Back Bone

Upangal (their parts)
  • Parts of face
    Eyelash, Eyebrows, Eye, Cheek, Nose, Mouth, Lip, Teeth, Tongue, Muscle, Breathing, Face
  • Body parts
    Fingers, Heel, Toes

What my students says

Dwarka Student

Bharatanatyam has taught me discipline, dedication, and perseverance. This intricate art form has opened my eyes to a rich culture and an honorable heritage. I am honored to be a student of Hausika auntie and I am forever thankful for the talent that she has instilled in me.

Abha Student

As her student I can tell you that her critical, yet caring eye transforms you into the best dancer you can be. Hausika teacher pushes you when she knows you are capable of more but also recognises when you are not ready. Her faith in you is what allows you to have faith in yourself. I am never surer of myself then when I am dancing and that confidence in my ability to execute successfully as a dancer is unsurpassed by nothing else.