New Directions to the ageless magic of Bharatham

“I think the reason that dance had held such an ageless magic for the world”. It is the time again over the years has become the ground for showing new and experimental work.

About Six Section in Bharathanatyam

A Bharatnatyam performance consists of six sections. They are- Alarippu, Jatisvaram, Sabdam, Varnam, Padam and Tillana. The performance commences with Alarippu, means thanking gods and the guru, seeking their blessing and followed by Jatisvaram, with melody is added to the dance, body movements to the beats. Sabdam is the third section expressed words to the dance and Varnam, is the fourth which express the footwork and expression the story with hand and body movements. Next is the Padam, where Abhinaya is added, then concludes with Tillana, the end of a concert the style requires exemplary skills in terms of rhythm, timing and when dancers coordinate their movements associated with it. At the end ‘Shlokam’ or ‘Mangalam’ the dancer seeks the blessings of everyone around.

Bharathanatyam Consists of 6 sections


Thanking God


Melody added to the dance


Addition of expressed words to the dance


Core of Bharatanatyam dance




Climax section

Shlokam or Mangalam

Seeks blessing

*The 6 sections of Bharatanatyam including the closing 7th section

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Strong Life in Natyam

The movements in the dance make the body, to regulate the blood circulation, it’s help’s you to live a long and healthy life.

What my students says

Dwarka Student

Bharatanatyam has taught me discipline, dedication, and perseverance. This intricate art form has opened my eyes to a rich culture and an honorable heritage. I am honored to be a student of Hausika auntie and I am forever thankful for the talent that she has instilled in me.

Abha Student

As her student I can tell you that her critical, yet caring eye transforms you into the best dancer you can be. Hausika teacher pushes you when she knows you are capable of more but also recognises when you are not ready. Her faith in you is what allows you to have faith in yourself. I am never surer of myself then when I am dancing and that confidence in my ability to execute successfully as a dancer is unsurpassed by nothing else.

Online Class Timetable

This course is open to all irrespective of whether you have trained before or not (minimum starting age is 8 and no maximum limit). This is also a great opportunity to get a taste of Bharatanatyam.
Monday to Friday 6am - 8am
Saturday 6am - 4pm
Sunday 6am - 4pm

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